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Mikahn 24.02.2019
He is/was always pleasant.
Tolar 16.02.2019
Ninos 24.02.2019
Diet Coke cleans bird poop well when there's no water around.
Kijind 21.02.2019
My questions would be: Has any MSM Monopoly network, including CNN ever refused access to any American who desired to state their points or ask questions on their broadcast? If so, is that not by their same definition of infringement of 1st and 5th amendment rights to whoever? Would any of these networks allow a person who is belligerent and offensive to be a regular on their network? The MSM has elevated itself to having more rights and privileges than anyone else. They can lie, slander, demean, be rude, obnoxious, crude and belligerent with impunity and is why politicians fear them so.
Kegrel 24.02.2019
Goddamn would give anything to fuck Kristen Scott like this, she's so fucking hot.