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Dikazahn 02.11.2019
Yep a bowl of yogurt has need of no god. Because you are a bowl of yogurt. So enjoy the everlasting hospitality of lucifer. I am sure he will enjoy a yummmy bowl of yogurt!
Akit 31.10.2019
there is an age limit for a reason. it i an addictive sustance that poisons the body. in addition , they are making versions that distribute thc. i see it as a variation of bringing alcohol to class. both nicotine and alcohol have long term health risks.
Tugor 27.10.2019
I have no motivation and making me work is cruel and unusual punishment.
Mautaxe 31.10.2019
Absolutely HOT! Got a chuckle from the kitty cat in the background.tee hee
JoJozilkree 01.11.2019
Ya los vi, que loco!